Push Button Tilt 7.5 foot Bronze

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The 7.5' Octagon Custom Push Button Tilt Market Bronze Umbrella: elegant, durable, easy to use. Simply open canopy, tilt with push button! Sleek, rust-proof finish, quality fabrics.

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Item Shown: UM9079
Fabric: 4815 Sunset
Base: BW509 (sold separately)


Item No.: UM970x
Size: 7.5’
Ribs: 8
Shape: Octagon
Height Open: 95.67”
Coverage: 57 Sq. Ft
Lift: Crank
Tilt: Push Button
Bottom Pole Diameter: 1.5”
Bottom Pole: 36"
Top Pole Diameter: 1.38”
Weight: 15.4 lbs
Vent Style: Single Wind Vent (SWV)