3 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Private

3 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Private

Posted by Zing Patio on Jun 2nd 2021

With so many people at home, whether they're working or in school, people realize right now more than ever that they lack privacy. They didn't realize how close their neighbors are because they were never used to seeing their neighbors outside so often. If you find that privacy is lacking in your backyard, you might want to think of some ways to improve it. Some people believe that it is just their home and there is not much they can do about it, but there are several tricks you can employ that will make it very straightforward.

Outlined below are three ways to add privacy to your backyard. It doesn't matter if you are on a budget or have a big chunk of change to spend, because these privacy tips utilize materials that you may already have at home. The tips will also provide you some ideas for things you can buy to make specific parts of your backyard more private. With summer practically here, you will want to spend a ton of time outside, and while you may want to see people, you will be thankful to have more privacy in your backyard for when you need to escape. If you're also on the prowl for outdoor furniture, Fort Myers retailers have a ton of modern options. Without further ado, check out some of the tips below.

Add Height to An Existing Fence

Most single-family homes have a fenced-in backyard, but sometimes the fence is not high enough. While it does well at dividing your yard from your neighbor's, keeping your pets, or whatever else confined to your property, it sometimes is not enough to make your space private. If you have a raised deck or your neighbors have second-story windows, they most likely can see into your backyard. Even if you are friends with your neighbors, the lack of privacy may start to bother you over time. One way that you can fix this problem is by adding height to an already existing fence. Even just a couple of feet can make a significant difference. These additions are usually much more cost-friendly than adding in an entirely new fence, and they have a significant impact on the look and feel of your backyard. You can speak to a contractor about the options available, as your choice will depend on what kind of fence is currently in place. If you have a metal fence, a contractor will give you an idea of what you can do to your fence to make your backyard more private.

Rethink the Layout

You may be finding your backyard to be less private than you would like if the layout is all wrong. You may have your chairs or dining table in the least private part of your backyard. You can easily adjust this by rethinking the design. Rather than have your main hang-out areas right where your neighbors can see, try finding a spot where you think is the most private. You can take stock of your surroundings and see if you can see any people. If you can see people, whether they are out across the street or in the house next door, someone will most likely be able to see you. You could also get a member of your household to walk around the perimeter of your backyard and see which areas are most visible and those that are not. By doing this, you can more effectively determine the private spaces. You will also determine which areas are the least private. Over time, you can make those areas more private, especially if you don't have a large renovation budget.

Add Greenery

By far, one of the best ways to add more privacy into your backyard is by having greenery. Greenery comes in many different forms, so it is totally up to you what you choose. One way that you can be sure to keep prying eyes out of your backyard is by adding trees. The thing with trees is that they can be a pretty hefty investment if you want to buy them already big and grown. Otherwise, you're going to have to wait for them to grow. Some other plants grow very quickly, such as shrubs. Common shrubbery, such as large hydrangea bushes and azaleas, can be excellent for adding a bit of privacy and filling in some empty spaces in your backyard. Not only will landscaping improve your privacy, but it's also going to make your backyard more aesthetically pleasing. So over time, you can buy more greenery to make your backyard more private. If you have a move around the corner and are moving into a place with a backyard that doesn't have many trees, you should plant them. Knowing that you're going to be in a place for at least ten years is an excellent reason to grow some trees as eventually, you're going to have a private oasis.

Investing in your home, whether it's buying exterior plants or game room furniture in Fort Myers, is a sure way to make it more enjoyable. When looking to add privacy, you can do many things. You can add an extension to an existing fence or rearrange the patio furniture at your Fort Myers home. Remember that privacy isn't just about keeping prying eyes, out but also about how you feel on your property. With a bit of elbow grease and a few exterior adjustments, you and your family can relax knowing that your time together won't be interrupted by other people.

If you plan to purchase some new greenery or patio furniture, Fort Myers, FL, retailers are the best place to start your search.