6 Tips for Throwing the Best Warm-Weather Party

6 Tips for Throwing the Best Warm-Weather Party

Posted by Zing Patio on May 4th 2021

Planning a party inside can present several challenges and obstacles. From seating arrangements to getting the house in top shape, sometimes the idea of hosting inside is just too much. There is a straightforward and fun solution to these worries, especially during warm weather — an out-of-doors soiree.

If the weather doesn't look promising and there is a section of the home that can be cordoned off — like a basement or event space with a bathroom — this space is a great alternative, especially if it has quick and easy access to the backyard. Alternatively, a screened-in porch can provide open space and keep guests from traipsing through the entire house.

The best warm-weather party will be even more perfect if the host does some detailed planning in advance. Even adults like themes, so incorporating a fun one into the mix and having guests play along can amp up the fun to a new level.

Putting the best warm-weather party together may seem insurmountable, but with a bit of help and a lot of planning, it should go off smoothly and be a ton of fun.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Organized hosts will have an ongoing and flexible list of all the things they need to do before the party. This level of preparedness will go a long way to reducing the stress that can go along with hosting. A list will include groceries, flowers, extra vases, any extra cutlery or dishes, party decorations, and more. A host with the most may also consider securing some extra ice buckets and a coffee urn to keep the revelry lasting long into the night.

When you're hosting a warm-weather party, certain unexpected factors like wind, pests, or too much sun can complicate things. To prepare for some of these uncontrollable factors, a host can purchase simple solutions such as:

  • Weighted tablecloths
  • Umbrellas for the tables
  • No-fuss table settings, including cloth napkins
  • Bug repellent or citronella candles

Coming up with the perfect guest list will also be crucial to getting the party's dynamic mix just right. While some parties can be more exciting or lively if there's a mix of people with differing world perspectives, sometimes it pays to invite guests who share the same values and senses of humor. Deciding on the guest list's size will also help a host determine who to ask.

Pick a Simple Menu

Planning a simple menu that won't leave the host stranded in the kitchen while the guests enjoy all the fun out-of-doors is key. Getting a few close friends or family members to pitch in when the time comes to serve or prepare the food will go a long way to allowing the host to enjoy the party with their guests. The best kind of warm-weather party has plenty of varied food and drink, including some that meet dietary restrictions and non-alcohol options.

Pick a Party Theme

Party themes can really take a warm-weather party to the next level. For a warm-weather party, the theme will need to be conducive to an exterior space if the weather permits. Some fun themes include:

  • A BBQ rib-off where friends prepare ribs using varying methods and bring them for a potluck.
  • A movie night under the stars where guests are asked in advance to submit their top three movies of all time. A random draw from the most popular films can determine which one gets played that night.
  • A champagne and s'mores party, where marshmallows get roasted over a backyard fire pit, can add a level of sophistication to a party held out-of-doors. If the weather cools, guests can keep warm by the fire.
  • Host a desert-style caravan-themed party and fill large tents with pillows and blankets to create an atmosphere of exotic mystique.

Prepare the Seating

The party space should have plenty of comfortable seating for all guests, whether it's a sit-down dinner, a buffet, or a potluck. Many people are happy to eat with their plates on their lap, especially if the party is casual. Using a mix of regular chairs, poufs, and stools will mix up the dynamic in a fun way. If space allows, throwing thick blankets and oversized pillows on the grass can create a picnic vibe. The exterior seating and tables should be cleaned and checked for cracks a few days before the party date so any needed repairs or replacements can occur.

Prepare the Space

Preparing an exterior party space should involve a lot less work than an indoor one. Some sweeping of the deck or porch and cleaning the main floor bathroom should take care of most of the work. If needed, a host can hire a landscaper to get the lawn and flowerbeds looking tiptop, but often this can be done a few days in advance in the cool of evening by the host and family members. A few flowering annuals added to the beds will bring a splash of natural color to the decor.

Decorate the Party Space

Healthy plants and trees and blossoming flowers, can provide the most stunning decorations. The foliage and blooms of plants, shrubs, and trees can mean that minimal decorations are needed to enliven the space. Flowers placed in vases or small pots on side tables and the bar can often do the trick. Candlelit lanterns, flameless candles, and lights strung across trees can enhance the mood after sunset. Soft solar lights lining a path can help guests find their way to and from the house or if they go for a stroll around the property. To keep mosquitoes at bay, citronella-scented candles and tiki torches will come in handy.

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