7 Good Reasons to Invest in a Fire Table

7 Good Reasons to Invest in a Fire Table

Posted by Zing Patio on Jan 5th 2021

There are few better ways to really warm up an area and set off all that gorgeous patio furniture in Fort Myers, FL, than with a fire table.

These stunning centerpieces have been trending all over the country in recent years, and for good reason. They seamlessly combine functionality and form in a way that will attract people to that outdoor furniture in Fort Myers like bees to honey and is ideal for solo evenings wind-downs and socially-distanced gatherings alike. Suffice it to say that few people will be able to resist the temptation to really get outside and into the yard when there is an irresistible atmosphere and even potential for marshmallow roasting in the mix.

Not to mention, current events certainly provide the perfect excuse to finally take that backyard design to a whole new level. A fire table is a great way to lend some warmth to safe, socially distanced, non-indoor hangouts and can provide the cozy vibes that will encourage people to stay safe and stay outdoors even if the weather outside is less than ideal or the evening air is a bit chilly.

For those who still aren’t convinced, though, this article is going to break down all the reasons why a fire table is one of the smartest pieces of patio furniture in Fort Myers to buy in 2021.

1. They Create a Natural Focal Point

Not only is a stunning fire table a surefire eye-catching setting piece that will bring any design for patio furniture in Fort Myers to life, but they also stand well on their own, literally.

The beautiful flames emanating out of the center of a swank, sturdy table will naturally draw the eye and attract people to the area. As such, fire tables make for intuitive centerpieces that will naturally bring any other outdoor furniture in Fort Myers together to really create a cohesive look.

That said, there is really no need to have a fully integrated backyard design plan in place in order to bring a fire table into the mix. Fire tables can also function as stunning stand-alone pieces, and therefore, make a great starting point for an outside setup as well.

2. They are Safe and Easy to Maintain

Wood-burning fires certainly have their appeals, but when it comes to backyards, they tend to be neither practical nor safe and will often not be permitted due to certain residential restrictions.

Most fire pits will be either natural gas or propane-fueled, meaning that the fire can be lighted and turned off with the simple flick of the switch. Since these tables are so safe and the fire requires virtually no effort to manage, maintain and keep under control, fire tables can be installed on areas like decks that would never be safe for a wood-burning unit.

3. Create the Ultimate Atmosphere with Lighting and Warmth

When it comes to really knowing how to set off that stunning patio furniture in Fort Myers night and day, ambient lighting and comfortable heating are the keys to making a space both accessible and irresistible at any hour, regardless of the temperature.

Nothing ruins a backyard party like a chilly temperature drop or not being able to see well, and a fire pit will take care of all those evening or daytime ambiance needs. Meanwhile, it still lends itself to practical functionality, providing the perfect gathering place for cozy backyard meals, romantic dates, wine and catch-ups with friends and cozy afternoons curled up with a favorite book.

Even better, it works without electricity, meaning that homeowners don’t have to worry about providing backyard wiring options. It creates a great default hangout area when dealing with power outages.

4. They Look Great in Any Size of Space

People with smaller urban backyard areas often don’t realize that a fire table will work with almost any size of space. Since they provide such a functional design, they can almost fill up an area without becoming too imposing. Rather, they will encourage people to gather in smaller outside spaces that might otherwise be underused.

That said, their study size also ensures that they won’t get lost in a larger or more sprawling landscape as well. When it comes to fire pits, there is really no yard too big or too small to make these stunning contemporary tables work.

5. It is Appropriate for Any Season

Rain or shine, sun or snow, fire pits are an all-season friendly accessory that works with almost any type of weather.

Not only do homeowners not have to ever worry about packing it up or storing it away, but they also work to balance out the unpredictability in seasonal variations by lending a predictable warmth that means that homeowners never have to stress about planning around the weather when dreaming up their outdoor events.

6. It is Great for Any Size of Gathering

Whether craving a warm, inviting spa-like atmosphere for one, the ultimate romantic date-night in the comfort of the home, or a lively neighborhood hangout, fire tables will bring the party, no matter what kind of party it is.

The inherent versatility of these chic tables ensures that homeowners can bet on getting hours of high-quality enjoyment of any type they want from their beautiful custom-designed piece.

7. Personalize the Look With Custom Designs

Speaking of custom designs, when homeowners opt to buy their fire tables from a high-quality dealer of deck and game room furniture in Fort Myers, they also get the amazing added benefit of being able to choose a truly unique look for their custom-designed table.

One of the great things about having the option to custom-design is that it allows homeowners to seamlessly integrate their fire table with existing patio furniture in Fort Myers, FL while enjoying the freedom to really put a unique personalized stamp on their delightful investment. This means that nobody has to sacrifice their own unique style just to land a high-quality table.

The Takeaway

Now is a better time than ever to invest in the type of versatile, functional, and gorgeous pieces that will really bring a backyard area to life, and fire tables deliver on all fronts. To find out more about some of the stunning custom designs that are available, be sure to check out a high-quality seller that specializes in outdoor furniture in Fort Myers today.