Basement Renovation On the Horizon? Avoid These 3 Budget-Breaking Mistakes

Basement Renovation On the Horizon? Avoid These 3 Budget-Breaking Mistakes

Posted by Zing Patio on Nov 3rd 2021

One area of the home that is often challenging to renovate is the basement. The basement often gets the last thoughts because it's not the central area of the space, and you don't usually have a ton of guests over into the basement space. However, you may want every part of your home in good shape to have a cohesive design. When renovating the basement, there are often many things that can go wrong because you are dealing with the home's foundation. As you most likely are underground, things like moisture can arise, which causes a plethora of issues.

If you have a basement renovation on the horizon, you will want to go about it in the right way. There are tons of mistakes that can happen in space, so avoiding these mistakes is essential. Not only does it prevent you from having to do another renovation down the line, but it prevents your budget for this renovation from breaking. The last thing you want is to spend way more money than you need to, so you should know the mistakes so you can prevent yourself from making them. You may also want to invest in some new stuff. If you are looking for game room furniture, Fort Myers has many shops that you can visit.

Using the Wrong Kind of Insulation

When insulating your basement, you need to make sure to use the right products. Fiberglass insulation can be problematic because it often attracts many different types of mold, including black mold, which has many issues associated with it. Instead of using fiberglass insulation, make sure that you choose an alternative like spray foam. There are spray foam insulations that are much more effective, and they do not contain any organic material. Thus, they are not likely to accumulate any mold. Because cold and humid air can often gather in the basement and seep into fiberglass insulation, the likelihood of issues arising is higher with it.

Similarly, if you currently have a finished basement, but you're hoping to redo it, you should strip it down and remove the insulation. Most homes with fiberglass insulation already have many issues. If you hire a contractor, you can open up the walls and check to see if there is any mold or other issues. Then you should remove all the fiberglass insulation and replace it as later down the line you inevitably run into issues. While you're looking for things to add to your basement, also check out some of the outdoor furniture in a Fort Myers store.

Choosing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an excellent choice for the primary and upper floors of your home. It is not the right choice for your basement. Materials like wood and laminate will attract moisture. The same goes for carpet. Some moisture issues that could occur are warping or bubbling on the surface. While you hopefully won't have to deal with moisture issues, it is best to be safe and prevent it from happening altogether. You can do this by opting for vinyl floors. Vinyl floors are durable and moisture resistant. Vinyl might even be less expensive than hardwood options. You can also get vinyl in a ton of different types of design, with some made to look like the natural world, stone, or whatever you want.

If you work with a contractor, they may even have access to a new product that could be perfect for the basement. When looking for these products, check up on their durability level. Determine whether or not they can withstand environmental conditions, including high humidity. Always think of the basement in regards to potential flooding and high humidity. Suppose you're hoping to renovate a basement with a walkout to your backyard. In that case, you may also want to be looking at how to incorporate patio furniture in your Fort Myers home.

Not Panning Enough Open Space

Having open space is crucial. You want room to move around. If you have too many rooms, then it's all going to seem too cramped. Just because you have many rooms on the first floor of your home does not mean you need to have the same layout on the basement floor. Start knocking down walls, and open up space wherever you can. Sure, you could have a room off to the side, but that doesn't mean you have to break it up entirely. Depending on how big your family is, you may need space in the future for activities with your children or just to have an extra getaway space. You can make it a room for family movie nights or even a gym.

No matter how nice your basement is, the main goal is to prevent guests from feeling like they are underground. By steering clear of too many rooms in your basement, you can rest assured that you're never going to have guests that feel too cramped down there. Avoiding this mistake is going to make the time you spend in the basement more special. Otherwise, it's just going to be another part of your home you don't want to use. If you have questions about contracting, renovations, or patio furniture, Fort Myers, FL, is a great place to start your search.

Renovating the basement tends to be on most homeowners' lists of things they want to get done in the next year or two. But rushing into the process is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to remove any fiberglass insulation, as well as choose foam spray insulation instead. Try to steer clear of the hardwood floor because they will warp with high moisture. Going for vinyl is a safer bet. Lastly, remember if you are doing renovations, don't make too many rooms, keep it open, and light and your guests will thank you for it.