How To Find Quality Outdoor Furniture In Naples & Fort Myers

How To Find Quality Outdoor Furniture In Naples & Fort Myers

Posted by Zing Patio on Dec 21st 2020

Are you trying to stage your home for a future sale? How about just setting it up so it can be a dream place for you to live? In both scenarios, choosing the right pieces to complement your exterior can be a tall order. Yes, you’re thinking about aesthetics, but you also want to make sure that anything you buy ends up as quality. The lower-quality of a piece that you get, the faster you’re going to need to pay up to replace them. This can end up cutting into the savings you thought you were getting by buying cheap in the first place. Putting this in place, here are some of the essential elements you should be pondering to make sure you have a quality purchase.

How to Source Game Room Furniture in Naples

One essential point to factor in is how a given item is manufactured. Things may look the same on the surface, but the process to make them could be quite different. As an example, a piece created by hand by a carpenter is going to be lightyears ahead of something that’s mass-produced. This means that if you want to have quality pieces in your yard or in your home, you need to do your homework to figure out exactly who is making a given piece and where it has originated.

How do you make sure that manufacturing quality problems don’t end up hurting you down the line? Be sure to get right to the source. Ideally, this means partnering with local craftsmen whenever you can. This gives you the ability to pay greater attention to each product that’s prepared, as well as using top-quality materials and doing more research into how exactly they assemble their pieces.

While we discuss materials, finding out the exact materials is one of the fastest ways to determine whether or not a piece is of top quality or not. Wood is a key example. If you want a solid oak table, you’re going to have something that’s a lot sturdier than pressed wood. However, when you’re buying different items, you want to not be misled by a high price tag. If you buy a piece like a sofa, are the springs inside going to be made of steel? If there’s wood, how much does the wood weigh?

It’s also important to take a close look at how well a given piece is held together. There are quite a few things that can indicate whether or not it’s worth buying a given piece. As an example, let’s talk about items with dried glue around their seams. This is a clear sign that it’s not the best quality, and you want to look elsewhere. The same thing applies to indicators like joints that have some give, or pieces held together by nails instead of screws. You want to make sure that any piece you have feels sturdy, as long as it’s being used for its intended purpose.

Another concept that’s growing in popularity is sustainable furniture in Naples, FL. More and more often, people are focusing on sustainability as a marker of quality. Sustainability, in this case, means ensuring the manufacturing process has minimal impact on the planet and natural resources.

Other Points To Consider For Your Patio Furniture in Naples, FL

These aren’t the only parts of the conversation when it comes to quality. As an example, if you have a given wooden piece, you are likely going to have several smaller pieces that then get assembled into something larger. Generally, if these pieces are larger ones, all carved from a single larger piece of wood, it’s going to be a lot more durable than many smaller pieces that all get glued together. This is because with the smaller pieces if a smaller piece warps, it can impact the entire item. Larger pieces fare better under the same conditions.

Joints, or joinery, matter here also. When we look at wooden furniture, it’s key to examine the different corners where wooden parts and other parts meet. It’s especially important to put this together with pieces when they are load-bearing. Tables, dressers, and chairs are key examples here. When it comes to these items, stronger corners mean it’s going to be easier to keep them from buckling and staying in shape. There are dovetail joints to consider also. These resemble interlocking figures and stay at a high quality. Corner blocks are also something you might want to look into. These are set inside corners diagonally to brace the sides, keeping the joint stapled. Under the same pressure, joints may buckle if they are just stapled or glued.

Moving parts should also be looked at. Each piece provides a window into the overall quality. When we talk about solid pieces, you want to be sure that these are made of metal and can be easily moved around. Metal slides on a drawer are a good example. If slides are made with wood/plastic, however, they can end up bending, making things more difficult to open. Another area of concern with wheels and plastic bearings is that they can end up cracking or breaking, requiring replacement.

One item that’s relatively common with outdoor furniture in Naples, FL, is cushions—generally removable ones. In either event, though, you’ll want to take a close look at the upholstery. All cushions in a given set should be exactly the same color. Sometimes, items made in a factory may have slightly different shades for the same color. Be sure to look inside the cushions, also. These generally have an inner liner for support. Be sure to check for loose threads and the quality of the zippers as well.