How to Furnish the Exterior of Your Home

How to Furnish the Exterior of Your Home

Posted by Zing Patio on Nov 3rd 2020

When friends and family members pull up to your home for the first time, you naturally want the outside of your home to deliver a good impression.

To help you furnish the outside of your home in a way that satisfies your needs and delivers a good impression to visitors, be sure to follow the guidelines listed below.


In many cases, you’ll be having visitors to your home later in the day. To make sure that they can fully appreciate the outside of your home, you’re going to want to make sure that your property is properly outfitted with enough lighting–and in the right areas.

For example, if you’ve invested heavily in a front porch, you’re going to want to invest much of your lighting efforts there. Other than highlighting your decor and craftsmanship, you obviously need enough lighting to actually be able to use your porch in the first place.

Other areas you likely want to light are your driveway, sides of your house, garden, and any other areas that are aesthetically pleasing.

Porch Decor

Before you invest in lighting, you want to make sure that your furnishings are worth seeing in the first place. You don’t want to have to go through the trouble of paying a fortune for lights only to have your porch still look terrible on account of poor quality furnishing.

This is why investing in premium patio furniture in Fort Myers is so important. Because of the climate, furnishings sold in this area are more likely to be made of higher-quality, weather-resistant materials. Therefore, when you buy patio furniture in Fort Myers, Fl, you are effectively investing in furnishings that will endure even the harshest of elements.

There are even places where you can buy specialized outdoor furniture in Fort Myers if you want extra assurance. This category of furnishings is even less likely to wither away due to harsh weather conditions or exterior use.

Deck Decor

While it may not be as visible as the furnishings on your front porch, you don’t want to leave the back area of your property bare. This is particularly true if you have people over a lot, as most of your time will be spent in the back area of your house as opposed to the front.

If you’re one of the fortunate people to have a back deck connected right to your house, it might be worth investing in some game room furniture in Fort Myers. This could mean lazy boy recliners, weatherproof couches, or any other kind of exterior furnishings that would allow people to relax and enjoy themselves on your back deck.

Or, if you have the support for it, you could even set up a hammock. This is ideal for people with pools living in Florida, as you can hop out of your pool onto your deck, towel off, and enjoy a nice afternoon nap in the sun on your hammock.

Lawn Arrangements

There is a certain class of furnishings that aren’t purchased because it’s expected that people will sit on them, but rather they add a level of decoration to your property. For example, if you’ve ever visited someone’s home and seen a random metal chair under a large tree in some corner of their property, you understand what this type of furnishing looks like.

While most furnishings placed around your lawn serve this aesthetic purpose, you can get the best of both worlds by choosing the placement of these furnishings wisely. If you mow your lawn by hand, for example, and you have a larger property, then you’re naturally going to need a break at some point. A perfectly placed lawn bench can be where you shut the mower off, grab a drink, and enjoy a relaxing 20-minute break before returning to finish the rest of the mowing.

If this scenario applies to you, be sure to invest in decorative furnishings that don’t just look good, but also provide enough support for you and anyone else who might use it sparingly throughout the day.

Firepit Seating

For taking up such a small piece of your property, your firepit is likely where you spent most of your evening time during the warmer months (and even the colder months if you’re brave). With this in mind, you only want the comfiest of furnishings. If you try to cheap out and go with lower quality furnishings, your body won’t be thanking you for it three hours into a fire with your friends.

However, you also have to be careful to choose the right materials around a fire. Too much fabric can come with the added risk of being flammable. As a middle ground, high-quality lawn chairs tend to work well around a fire, as their sturdy materials are less flammable but still comfortable enough to be able to enjoy sitting around a fire for hours at a time.

You also have to worry about smoke and soot affecting the furnishings around your fire. As a rule of thumb, opt for darker colors. If you go with lighter colors, you risk having markings from the fire be more visible.


The exterior of your home deserves as much attention to detail as the interior of your home when it comes to decor and furnishing. Without taking the time to choose high-quality furnishings that both works for your needs and complement the aesthetic of your property, you risk giving the wrong impression of your home when friends and family come to visit.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, there are a few things that you can do, namely, investing in appropriate lighting, outfitting both the front and the back of your property with high-quality furnishings, arranging items around your lawn that both look good and serve a functional purpose, and not neglecting to prioritize comfort and darker colors for furnishings around your firepit.