How to Host a Fantastic Garden Party

How to Host a Fantastic Garden Party

Posted by Zing Patio on Jul 1st 2021

party. Whether a garden is small or large, it can be the perfect spot to entertain friends and family on a summer evening. Hosting guests in the peaceful and private setting of a garden helps put them at ease. It also gives guests the perfect opportunity to admire all the beautiful plants grown by their host. A scenic garden brimming with flowers can be a positive conversation subject that keeps the party going.

All it takes to make a garden party a success is a little planning ahead. Get some decorations ready, install ambient lighting, and arrange the patio furniture in Fort Myers. Most importantly, prepare enough food and drinks to serve everyone.

Ensure guests have a great time with the help of these pointers on how to host the best garden party:

Decide on a Setup

First, come to a decision on what kind of party it will be. A number of factors come into play when planning a garden party. Will it be a cocktail party, or will a meal be served? If the party is structured around dinner, will guests be seated around a formal table, or will they be served on paper plates from a grill? Different types of garden parties require different layouts.

Formal garden parties need plenty of patio furniture in Fort Myers, FL. For formal dinners, the dining table will be the focus of attention. Arrange a table in a central area of the garden, cover it with a white tablecloth, and set it with proper tableware. Finish the table with a lovely centerpiece, ideally composed of fresh-cut flowers from the surrounding garden. Once the table is set, place additional chairs in different locations around the garden for guests to use before and after dinner. If possible, use matching patio furniture in Fort Myers. If any chairs clash in style, set them at separate ends of the garden.

Casual dinner parties will require less setup. Buffets will need a long side table for guests to serve themselves from dishes of food. A dining table may not be necessary in some cases. As a fun alternative, drape a blanket over the grass to create a setting for a garden picnic. At parties where food is not the focus, guests may eat finger foods such as sandwiches or hotdogs while mixing and mingling.

For cocktail parties, set aside a space to make drinks. All it takes to set up a bar on outdoor furniture in Fort Myers is a cocktail shaker, a stirring rod, and an ice bucket. Place these items on a table along with mixing ingredients and glassware. Provide plenty of seating by arranging clusters of chairs around small tables in each corner of the garden so guests will always have a spot to sit down with their drinks.

Mix Some Drinks

When the weather is hot, thirsty guests will expect their host to offer them a refreshing drink or two. Prepare a selection of beverages based on the preferences of each guest to ensure everyone will be satisfied. Stock up on a wide variety of popular choices when entertaining many guests. If the budget allows, offer a tasteful array of natural wine and craft beer pairings to go with the food. To entertain on a more limited budget, encourage guests to bring their own favorite beverages. Most guests certainly won’t mind a BYOB occasion if their host is generous with food.

For a little flair, serve a signature cocktail with seasonal ingredients. Some hosts take pride in mixing perfect cocktails for their guests, but this can become difficult to manage when entertaining a larger crowd. To save time, mix multiple servings in a pitcher. For parties with many guests, it may be best to let everyone make their own drinks. At the very least, allow a guest or two to help out at the bar.

Be sure to have a few non-alcoholic options on hand, such as premium sodas, iced tea, and cocktails mixed without spirits. Responsible hosts will encourage guests to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Also, remember to never pressure any guests into accepting alcoholic beverages if they prefer not to drink.

Fun Diversions

If guests are bringing children, provide a place for them to play in the backyard. If chalk is on hand, consider drawing hopscotch on a suitable surface. Keeping the kids occupied will help the party go smoothly, since bored children may become disruptive. Amusing diversions can be a fun addition to a party even when kids are not attending. Encourage guests to enjoy themselves by setting up some classic backyard activities, such as croquet and bocce ball. Table tennis or other pieces of game room furniture in Fort Myers can be brought outside to make a garden party especially fun for everyone.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Check the weather forecast before scheduling a garden party. Try to pick a sunny day with a low chance of rain. Take care not to schedule the party during a heatwave, or guests may become uncomfortably hot. During the height of summer, it may be best to host the party on a partially cloudy day in order to decrease the risk of sunburn. To play it safe, have extra sunscreen on hand to offer guests.

Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable, so have a backup plan in case it rains. Either schedule another day as a raincheck or move the party indoors. The most determined hosts may set up umbrellas or a tent as a last resort, but this should be avoided if a storm is brewing.

Consider hosting a garden party while summer lasts. By following these helpful hints, any garden party can be a success. As with every social occasion, the key to being a good host is to keep guests comfortable and entertained. Be attentive to the needs of guests, but stay relaxed. Remember, the whole point of a party is to have fun!