Ideas for Reinventing Your House

Ideas for Reinventing Your House

Posted by Zing Patio on Sep 7th 2021

After a while, most folks get tired and bored of their familiar surroundings and feel an urge to change. But people usually shy away from radical transformation because they’re afraid of how much it’ll cost. You don't always require a decorator to help you transform your home and make it look more fashionable. There are a number of low-budget, easy-to-execute ideas you can utilize for redecorating your house.

Some require you to buy some stuff, but we assure you they’re small items that don't cost much. Others you can make by adding some touches here and there, and there are even others that you can make from scratch. Last but not least, there are even a few items you already have at home that can be repurposed. We suggest you play with these ideas and turn them around. You may even come up with a few of your own.

The Budget

Any decoration needs a little spending. The key here is to keep to a budget, enabling you to redecorate more often. The items listed here are all affordable, and you may even already have some of them in the house.

Lights: Never forget their importance in highlighting your space. Good lighting ensures a favorable aesthetic outcome. Hanging a string of lights can greatly enhance the beauty of your garden or give a romantic vibe to your bedroom. Can you imagine the joy of relaxing on patio furniture in Naples, FL, with a good book on your lap and a cup of coffee warming your hands?

Candles: There’s a reason why a candle-lit dinner is always a good date idea. So why not bring that joy into everyday life? You can place a number on any coffee table, or if you’re feeling more creative, you can plop some (varying lengths) in flower pots. Stick an incense stick in as well, and you’ll have the perfect aroma and mood for a bit of meditation.

Afghans: It’s always a bummer to have to go searching around for extra clothes while you’re curled up on the sofa and relaxing. Keep a couple of colorful afghans and have them draped over the back of the couch. You’ll never get cold again.

Hire Your Inner Decorator

There are several small changes you can make that would transform your house. We promise you a good time if you decide to do them.

Abstract Art: Making an abstract painting could be much easier than you think. You can begin by choosing some colors that match your house setting and cover your canvas with some geometrical shapes. Voila! Your work of creative genius is ready.

Pom-Pom Rugs: This is a fun project that can fill your long winter nights. Start making pom-poms in your free time. You can go for a wide variety of bold colors made from leftover yarn, or you can buy some in harmonious colors. Once you’ve made enough, attach them together to make yourself a cozy-looking and nice pom-pom rug. It would look nice in your living room or bedroom, or even draped by the fireplace shadowed by some of the lovely outdoor furniture in Naples, FL.

Redesign What You Have

Apart from buying new stuff or making them yourself, you can also completely transform some household items you already own.

Painted Chairs and Seat Covers: Don't underestimate the change that a little color can bring. You can easily change the look of your household items by using a pail of color and a nice paintbrush. You can paint old chairs and tables and cover their nicks, giving them a makeover. Or you can even use cloth paint and decorate seat covers or the sofa.

Posters: Do you have a bunch of old movie posters lying around you’ve got no use for? Just hang them side by side, and you’ll have yourself a massive, beautiful, multicolored wall cover. It’s also an excellent way of expressing yourself and your movie taste.

Makeshift Upholstery: You can reupholster your old chairs by using pillowcases. Take out the seat and stretch a pillowcase tight over it, then secure it with staplers.

Look at It from Another Light

There are many everyday items we don't usually consider worthy of being decorative items for our homes. But they can come in quite handy. Just take a good hard look around at your house and the items you regularly throw away. You might find your next decorative item.

Ladders: Do you not have an excellent place to put your ladder? Is it in the way? Don't worry about it. Just put it against the wall in your living room or bedroom. You can use the rungs as makeshift shelves. It can also be used as a good bookcase or photo stand. You can even add some knick-knacks or vases of flowers to make it look more pretty. If your ladder isn't in good shape, give it a touch-up with your paintbrush.

Egg Cartons: These are among the items we regularly throw out, but they can work well as nice decorative items. Collect a number of them (it may take you a couple of weeks to gather enough) and then color them any way you want. Then you can use them to cover up the walls of your room. This way, you can soundproof your room and turn it into a low-budget home theater with good acoustics. Or you can bring in some game room furniture from Naples, put up your Playstation, and enjoy!

Fruit Crates: The last item we want to discuss can work wonders in your living room, bedroom, or garden. You can visit your local grocer and see if they have some lying around. Clean them well so that no fruit residue remains. If needed, take out your paintbrush and give it a touch-up.

After you’ve properly cleaned and prepared them, you can arrange them one on top of the other and use them as shelves for your gardening tools. Or you can place them in your living room and bedroom and arrange them in the shape of a bookcase. This way, you can both save up on a bookcase and enjoy the benefits of this type of arrangement. Since your new bookcase can be easily remodeled, you can place it in different rooms with the least amount of hassle. In addition, if you’re something of a nomad and change houses regularly, there will be no need to spend time packing, unpacking, and rearranging your books!