Perfecting Home Furnishings for Recreational Spaces from the Inside Out

Perfecting Home Furnishings for Recreational Spaces from the Inside Out

Posted by Zing Patio on Apr 2nd 2021

If the last year has taught society anything, it’s that home is truly an oasis and shelter away from the world’s challenges. With countless months of lockdown completed and an unpredictable future ahead, investing in the right furnishings, from the inside out, is imperative to a family’s comfort, and most importantly, every member of a family’s sanity. Certain pieces are considered household staples for many, but there are some essential points to consider when re-outfitting an area of the home that is used mainly for leisure.

As summer has stealthily snuck up, time is of the essence to outfit one’s home appropriately for all that spring and summer fun coming up. From enjoying the sunshine outside or escaping the piping hot weather with a bit of indoor reprieve, compliments of an activity area where everyone can cool off, the options are endless!

Patio Furniture in Naples, FL and Tips to Consider

  1. Make a list so that nothing will be missed: decide what is needed and write a detailed plan, and note this may be best as a family activity, so that everyone can give input and insight. A family needs to ask themselves: what are everyone’s needs in terms of outdoor furniture in Naples, FL? If the furnishings don’t suit their lifestyle, families won’t use them, so figure out who likes to lounge and who needs extra leg area ASAP.
  2. Bring a budget: perhaps the most significant aspect of furnishing any space is figuring out what the magic number is in terms of cost. There’s nothing more disappointing than finally finding that perfect wicker armchair, only to realize it’s totally over budget. It’s also crucial to consider how much the furnishings will be used, because a significant investment in something that is only used a few times a year isn’t realistic.
  3. Start scheming: it’s disappointing when new furnishings look like they are haphazardly jammed together. Therefore, deciding on a design scheme or style is essential. From funky palm frond patterns to the ever classic beige, the sky's the limit, and that’s just upholstery. One of the critical things to remember is that furnishings don’t have to match perfectly. They just have to coordinate. Think sisters, not twins.
  4. Try before a buy: sitting down and stretching out on a recliner shouldn’t seem like a tall order, but in this pandemic climate, it sure feels like it. While shopping online is wildly convenient for the purchase of many items, outdoor furniture in Naples, FL, should be tested in person. If that isn’t possible, dig in and do your research. See what the reviews are on other platforms.
  5. Meditate on materials: from waterproof cushions to teak recliners, the options are endless, which can be both exciting and overwhelming in equal measure. This step is an opportunity, to be honest, in terms of what kind of materials best suit the level of maintenance a family is willing to put forth. In a torrential rain shower, is anyone going to run out and cover things up? Ensure all upholstery is easily strippable so that anyone can toss cushion covers

into the washing machine with ease.

  1. Low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance: with the advent of waterproof upholstery and rust-free fixtures, furnishings still need to be cleaned periodically to ensure their longevity. If a person isn’t interested in sanding and staining every few years, look for all-wear wicker, teak, cedar, and of course, most metals.
  2. Forever forgetting storage? Stunning sets of furnishings can quickly hypnotize a person into forgetting the utility facet ofpatio furniture in Naples, FL. From board games to blankets, hidden storage within furnishings is the secret to success, especially when entertaining. It’s also a great way to keep items out of reach to the smallest members of your household.

Now for the other, if not an equally important part of the home, where everyone gathers and has a gaggle of laughs:

Game Room Furniture in Naples, FL... ideas with a Zing

  1. Size matters: while it may seem a bit over the top, drawing out a blueprint of sorts to iron out all the family fun area details is essential. The idea is to make the area welcoming, with the area to move to, and showcase all the different features and gaming centers.
  2. Seek out soundproofing: pick an area of the home that’s appropriately sound insulated, ensuring not everyone is privy to the shrieks and giggles of excitement during a teenage daughter’s ping-pong tournament.
  3. Avoid overdoing outlets: activities and accompanying game room furniture in Naples, FL,has the potential to need a lot of real estate around electrical outlets. Make sure outlets aren’t overloaded, which can cause buckles in power and a whole host of other dangerous issues.
  4. Find the figure(s): have a few collections hanging around the house? An area like this is the place to display them! Collections of figurines and other collectibles look at home amidst game room furniture in Naples, FL.
  5. Keep score: include a feature wall painted with chalkboard paint so teams can write rules, keep score or doodle the night away. This is a great feature for games night with friends to really build up the atmosphere.

Ultimately, living spaces should feel like home, and design and furnishings should reflect the taste and lifestyle of the people that use them. When it comes to furnishing recreational areas, don’t be swayed by style, and always go for substance with years of enjoyment ahead.

Struggling to make a decision? The answer may lie with finding professional support. If you head to a furnishing store near you and discuss what the end goal is for your space, the staff there will be able to help you find the right fit for your needs, in the short and long-term.