Planting Herbs This Summer? Avoid These Common Mistakes.

Planting Herbs This Summer? Avoid These Common Mistakes.

Posted by Zing Patio on Jun 14th 2021

When it comes to gardening, not everyone is going to have an easy time. While some have a natural talent for growing vegetables, flowers, and shrubs of all kinds, some just seem to make the same mistakes repeatedly. If you're one of these people, don't fret because you’re not alone. With summer practically here, you might be thinking of ways to spend some more time outside, and gardening is an excellent way to do this. But sometimes, growing flowers or shrubs is not as fun as growing something that you can use. Whether it is herbs like lavender and lemon balm for their therapeutic effects or dill and basil for their culinary potential, the potential for your little garden is endless.

The only problem is that you may be making some mistakes. Below are listed some common mistakes when it comes to growing herbs. It sometimes seems as simple as buying seeds and adding a bit of water and sunshine, but there are some essential details that you will need to remember. If you are planting an herb garden this summer, you will want to continue reading below. For those looking to further spruce up their yard with some new patio furniture in Naples, FL, is an excellent place to start your search.

Starting From Seeds

Mistake number one is starting your herbs from seed. It can be exciting to watch your plants grow from seeds, but many issues can arise along the way. Often people don't realize that to grow an herb from seed, you need precise conditions for the germination period, and you need to time it correctly when you are moving outdoors. If you are a beginner herb planter, instead of growing your herbs from seeds, buy a small starter plant. Visit any garden center or nursery, and they usually sell flats or trays of herbs. These have already been germinated and are ready to be planted directly into your garden beds, pots, or planters. As the seed is already healthy and strong, it is more likely to survive and thrive throughout the summer.

If you are looking to grow a hefty herb garden, you can buy several starter plants and plant them into the same pot. It is best not to combine herbs as this can sometimes cause problems. Keep your herbs organized in your garden, and they will grow stronger and more prominent. If you find that even after buying starter plants, your herbs are not growing, you may be making some of the other mistakes outlined below. If you are already out buying plants, you may want to think about also upgrading your outdoor furniture, as Naples, FL is the perfect place to relax outside.

Recycling Old Soil

So you had a garden last summer and are thinking that you can reuse the soil that is left over. Well, think again. While it may look good, the soil from last summer is going to be lacking in vital nutrients that herbs need to survive. Instead of just moistening the dirt in your garden or pots, add a new bag of soil, or mix in some compost. The soil needs to be dense with nutrients as the plants in their early stages require a ton of minerals and vitamins to keep them healthy and thriving. You can buy new soil at most garden centers, and if you are starting your plants from tiny seedlings, you should buy something with enhanced nutrients.

Try and stay away from anything that offers up extreme growth, as these can often be packed with synthetic fertilizers. Seeing as you will be most likely ingesting the herbs, you don't want to be planting them in something that could be harmful to ingest. The plant will absorb whatever is in the soil. Usually, you can buy an herb mix that is made specifically for culinary or aromatic herbs. Even if you think it is a significant investment buying all the supplies for your garden, it will pay off in the end. While you have invested in some game room furniture, Naples in the summer is perfect for investing in your yard.

Letting Herbs Flowers

Almost every herb will flower if you let it. While flowers may look pretty, they are not a good sign when you are growing herbs. When an herb flowers, it can stunt the growth and change the flavor of the herb. When you start to see an herb flowering at the top, make sure to cut it down. Cutting it down will allow the plant to grow bushier, and it will intensify the root system beneath the plant. Flowers will suck out the nutrients and prevent the herb from growing any larger.

Some common herbs you will see flowers are basil and chives. Once you see the buds start to form on the flower, you can take your garden shears and snip off the basil at the stem around 3 inches below the flower. Sometimes if you don't cut down far enough, it will quickly flower again. As the flavor of an herb lies in its leaves, flowers will take center stage and ruin the taste. By keeping an eye on your herb garden and not letting those flowers get out of hand, you will be sure to grow a hearty and tasty herb garden this summer.

Not everyone has a green thumb, but it doesn't mean that you can't try to grow an herb garden this summer. Instead of jumping right in, do some research and figure out which ones will grow best in your garden. You may have a lot of sunlight, or shade and so you want to pick herbs that are going to be able to withstand the type of conditions that you have available. By starting with an already established plant, using nutrient-dense soil, and cutting off flowers, your herb garden will be able to provide you with tasty delicacies all summer long.