Redecorating Your House During the Pandemic

Redecorating Your House During the Pandemic

Posted by Zing Patio on Sep 22nd 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have spent much of our time in quarantine or lockdown. It’s easy to become frustrated because of being so cooped up indoors, but it won't solve anything. It’s wiser to be positive and try to make the best of the situation.

Redecorating your house can be a fun and energizing project for the entire family. You can use the ideas offered here, or you can sit down with your loved ones and create your own unique ideas. We hope you’ll have a great time.

Set Up an Entertainment Center

Staying indoors for long periods takes its toll on all of us, but it is even harder for children and teenagers. They can't see their friends and need to release all their pent-up energy. Creating an indoor entertainment center can be very helpful for them. They should be allowed to pitch their own ideas, or you can teach them about the value of money by asking them to save their pocket money for purchasing the items they want.

There are many things you can do to create this safe space. First of all, it can be an excellent way to clean up your attic or basement. Engage your kids and have a day of cleaning the space. Next, you can visit a store and buy some game room furniture in Fort Myers. You can decorate the walls with movie posters and create a personal home theater. To do so, you can set up a projector and a screen and enjoy movie time with your family. It is a great option and even costs less than a TV.

Cultivate Your Garden

Your yard used to be a hangout spot for your teenagers or a playground for your kids. Now it’s time to turn it into a safe haven for the entire family. There are so many affordable things you can do with your yard, and here we offer only a few that can do wonders.

Start by grooming the trees and having the lawn mown. Then you can begin your new projects. You can pick a part of the yard, divide it between your family members, and start a competition. You can cultivate your part, grow flowers/vegetables, or even create an herb garden. The one who develops their section the best would be declared the winner and get a certain prize.

This can have many benefits. The children will learn about the responsibility and joy that comes with caring for a living thing. You can also reap the benefits as a family and have organic vegetables.

You can also set up a tent so that the kids can go camping. The family members can gather in the tent, enjoy cocoa or s'mores, or lie outside stargazing. Another fun idea would be to go shopping for outdoor furniture in Fort Myers. You can then organize your new chairs on the lawn and have your meals outside. Or you can set up an inflatable pool so that your kids can splash around in the water and cool off from the summer heat.

Renovate Your Bedroom

Redecorating your bedroom can be quite fun. It can also bring about some much-needed change. You can begin by rearranging the dresser, desk, or other items in your bedroom. You can then go for changing your sheets and bed covers. You can get some cloth paint and go crazy with colors and patterns if that’s too expensive. Also, you can sew on some appliques or make new cushions in order to give it a fresh look.

If you already gave reign to your creative side with the bed covers, why stop there? You can go all in and paint your walls with a new color or even apply beautiful patterns. If you have children, you can let them draw what they want on their walls and decorate their own bedroom for a change.

Changing the light bulb can do wonders. By a simple change of light color from white or yellow to red, blue, or any other color of choice, you can completely change the look of your bedroom. Just add a reading lamp as well, since reading in such lights might be hard on your eyes.

A Terrace with a View

As long as you’re engaging the family in the redecoration project, why not create a family space where you can enjoy the fresh air and have some quality time with your loved ones? You can even make a change and accommodate your available space to the needs of all the family members.

Take a look at available patio furniture in Fort Myers. You can choose any of the items they have, such as rocking chairs, or you can be creative and add other things such as bean bag chairs for your youngsters. If you don't feel comfortable going to an actual store during the pandemic and prefer online shopping, many stores have websites where you can buy patio furniture from Fort Myers, FL, and have them delivered to your house.

There are also other things you could do with your space to give it a new vibe. If you have chairs, you can reupholster them yourself, using cloth and strong staplers. Or you could spend an evening making paper lanterns and then hanging them up from the beams. Stripping the floors or having them sanded can also improve the look of your terrace.

Exercise in Your Own Gym

Since the pandemic’s beginning, many of us have put on weight due to lack of exercise. You can set up a gym in your house. This way, all the family members can work out together and become fit.

If you have a guest/spare bedroom you’re not using on a regular basis; you can make it into an indoor gym. You can buy exercise equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, or rowing machines, but in case they are too expensive, you can also go for cheaper options.

You can get dumbbells, and there are also many great exercises you can do with elastic bands. You could also get a couple of yoga mats, have them spread around the bedroom, set up candles and incense sticks, and enjoy your very own yoga studio.