What To Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

What To Consider When Buying Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Zing Patio on Feb 1st 2021

The Southwestern U.S. is known for its temperate climes, a fact Native Floridians enjoy a quiet smugness about. Not that they’re braggers— they’re much too friendly for that— but they do relish their ability to dine alfresco pretty much 24-7, which brings us to the vitally important topic of furnishings. Before you think about investing in patio furniture in Fort Myers, you’ll want to consider things like what it’s primary use will be and where it will be placed as well as factors like budget, personal taste, and style.

Consider Your Lifestyle

When investing in pieces, you will want to think about how people will use them. Do you have young children who are apt to spill their drinks on couch cushions? Well, then you might want to steer clear of fussy fabrics in favor of something more durable. And if your beloved dog enjoys nothing more than to nap the day away on your chaise, then you’d be advised to stay away from dark colors that show hair.

How about your table? Will it primarily be used for dining, or will the kids sit there and do their homework? Kids typically dump the contents of their knapsacks wherever they’re working, which means an array of capless markers, scissors and other items that can tarnish your beloved teak table. Of course, if you have the space, you might consider a more casual surface for kids and teens to spread out, make art and prep meals and a more formal one that’s reserved exclusively for dining.

How much sunlight will your furnishings get during a given day? If your home has direct sun throughout the day, you’ll want to select fabrics that resist bleaching. Similarly, if your pieces will be exposed to the elements, you’ll need to consider issues like rot, mildew and warping that can happen as a result of rain. This is especially important for those of us living in temperate climates, who experience exposure on a daily basis.

Think About Budget

Patio furniture in Fort Myers, FL, can get pricey quickly. Especially with the current trend of re-creating beautiful living spaces outside. Gone are the days of a simple table and chairs with a plastic water jug and cups to match. With the proliferation of design magazines showcasing stunning celebrity abodes, it’s no wonder the average person feels that if they don’t have a kitchen and a swim- up bar, they’re doing something wrong. But investing in a whole new set of furnishings for your terrace is an expensive proposition: and in the same way that when you update one space, you want to update them all, once you’ve laid out the cash for an L-shaped couch, suddenly last year's deck chairs look sad and out of date.

But like any home improvements, we should view our exterior spaces as a work in progress. Start with one or two big-ticket items, perhaps a gorgeous couch or a stunning harvest table, and then add other pieces over time. Smaller accessories like throw pillows, cosy blankets and lanterns also go a long way in making a space beautiful.

You can also get creative: Most of us love the idea of bringing the outdoors in. Well, the reverse can also be true. Some of the more durable fabrics of our interior pieces makes them well-suited to withstanding the elements. Maybe you have a little-used couch in the playroom that could find a new home in a protected area outback. If you have game room furniture in Fort Myers— a ping pong table or billiard board, for example, consider moving it into the backyard for a bit, especially if you have bored teenagers who are looking for something to do!

Of course, some materials are more budget-friendly than others. Wood is a more expensive choice in general and adds warmth and strength to an exterior space. And wood tables are generally paired with wooden chairs, which further drives up the cost. If you’re looking to save some cash, consider a wrought iron table and chairs. Wrought iron comes in an array of shapes and sizes and can be both minimal or intricate, depending on your taste. These kinds of tables can be further jazzed up with a pretty table cloth, along with an umbrella, for a bit of extra flair. Glass is another affordable option that comes in a variety of shapes. Unlike wrought iron, which runs the risk of rusting over time, glass can withstand the elements and is easy to clean.

In terms of couches, a wooden base will always be pricier than a wicker base, and a sectional will set you back more than a three-seater. Sectionals are handy because they can be reconfigured to accommodate different groupings. Stringing up a few hammocks is an innovative way to add seating if you aren’t in the market for a larger, high-end couch.

You Can Never Go Wrong With A Fire Pit

Let’s face it—fire pits are the new black. There’s nothing that sets the tone quite like a warm fire. Fire pits come in a vast array of styles. From cast iron and fiberglass, to concrete and stone, there truly is one for every budget. Butane and propane fire pits are generally seen as easier and more efficient, while fire pits that take real wood require more effort and tending throughout the evening. But there are few things more grounding than the smell of wood. Those concerned about their carbon footprint, consider a fire pit that uses ethanol, but be mindful that this type can be costly.

Like all decorating, accessorizing your space is a mix of form and function. But before you put your money down, it’s well worth it to do your homework and figure out your needs, options, and budget, to ensure a positive outcome and set the stage for endless gatherings for years to come.